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Bible outlines - soul winning sermons 

revival sermons - expository sermons 

topical sermons - seasonal sermons

Welcome to one of the favorite sermon outline sites of Ministers, Missionaries, Evangelists, and Sunday School teachers. For over thirty years "THE EXPOSITOR" has been producing Biblical full text sermons that are loaded with exciting sermon illustrations.  These sermons have complete Bible outlines in the summary.

The type of Bible preaching materials we produce are:

  expository sermons

  topical sermons

  seasonal sermons

  series sermons

  revival sermons

  evangelistic sermons

  soul winning sermons

  funeral sermons

  Easter sermons

  Christmas sermons

  Thanksgiving sermons

  New Testament sermons

  Old Testament sermons

An excellent Discipleship Course, dealing with Christian growth and containing soul winning materials, is also available.

Our materials dealing with the cults of Mormonism and the Jehovah Witnesses make excellent resources for Sunday School lessons.

These Bible preaching materials have proven to be some of the best Bible helps available, and have proven to be of great assistance to ministers of the gospel who love to preach God’s Word. Thousands of Pastors, Missionaries, and Evangelists of all denominations find them helpful each week in sermon preparation. Some Bible colleges use our Bible preaching materials in their teaching of homiletics, apologetics and hermeneutics.

These Bible outlines are alliterated, have main points and sub points, and use the KJV.

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